TicketAssistant was developed as a result of several years of participation in the Greely Players Community Theatre group in Ottawa Ontario ( www.greelyplayers.ca ).  We produced a single 6-show run of a musical theatre production each year with around 300 seats per show. 

A few years back we decided to begin a reserved-seating ticket sales process. That way people would not have to wait in long lines to get seated. This decision, however, introduces a fair bit more work on the part of the ticket sales folks. Tickets had to be individually numbered. We needed to keep track of who bought which tickets and assign seating to people and groups. The simplistic paper-based system was difficult and error-prone. TicketAssistant was developed to make that process somewhat easier.

TicketAssistant has now been through several seasons of shows. It has evolved considerably to include an Internet sales capability and many improvements aimed at making the ticket sales process as easy and reliable as possible. The ideas for new features has been driven by you - the customers.

Many of my TicketAssistant customers have helped in the evolution of program by their suggestions of improvements to the system. Gardner&Wife in Kuala Lumpur helped get TicketAssistant into web-based customer ticket purchasing, and continues to provide valuable suggestions on many new features. The folks at the Huntington Beach Playhouse in California helped drive the development of the Authorize.net payment interface, as well as handling of Subscript/Series ticketing. John with the Kettle Moraine Players in Wisconsin has provided suggestions on several improvements with coupons, vendor selling and ticket promos. The ITR Theatre group in Ottawa Canada has provided the impetus for handling table seating and, as a group I personally work with, an ongoing testing ground for new features. And others. The ongoing evolution of the product is a collaborative effect of many of the the TicketAssistant customers.

I continually strive to make this system the easiest, most intuitive system for Community Theatre groups.

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